The founder

Prof. Antonello Sotgiu, CEO of SpinScience, has a documented research activity in the field of magnetic resonances (electronic and nuclear).

He has pioneered the development of EPRI (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging) that, because of the very fast relaxation times of the paramagnetic species, requires ultra fast imaging techniques. He has transferred this experience in the field of MRI and has developed receivers of very low dead times to be used in fast transient experiments.

Author of different patents He has also developed adaptive techniques for data acquisition that allow reducing the number of projections for image reconstruction. ( see references ).

Prof Sotgiu has a great expertise in Magnet design having been the head of the research group at the University of L’Aquila.

Dedicated on the study of magnetic field configurations for applications in MRI and Electron Spin Resonance Imaging and in the design of gradient and RF coils for the same applications.

Specific papers on magnets and coil design are visible in our reference page:


Research and development in the MRI field
Development of special tools for specific application in MRI technology
Magnet Design for dedicated applications
Design of Low Noise RF Pre amplifiers (<1.0 dB)


Magnet for Extremities examination
Magnet for Eyes examination
Low Noise RF Pre amplifiers


Prof. Antonello Sotgiu, Physicist and Ceo
Ing. Piero Sebastiani, Electronic Engineer and CTO
Brando Pavoni, Business Development