Research and Development

Study of Magnetic Resonance techniques using iper-polarized He3.

Study has been commisioned by a firm dedicated to radioactive product for diagnostic. Goal of the investigation was the use of iper-polarized gas as a contrast agent to improve lungs image quality, usually poor under Xray examination due to the very low tissue density.

In this project SpinScience has participated in the development of both polarization measuring system (based on NMR) and polarized gas transportation. At the moment system is not in use due to the world wide production of He3 monopolized by military applications.

SpinScience has participated to the Hybrid MEG-MRI Imaging System European project .

Project goal was the development of hybrid Imaging system able to perform a Magnet Electronencephalogrphy (MEG) with a simultaneus Magnetic resonance Imaging ( MRI).
This instruments represent a very important device able to spatially visualize via MRI the brain lesions detected by the MEG.

3 prototypes have been produced and installed in reserch centers in Chieti, Saclay and Helsinki and are intensively used in neuroscience investigations.