SpinScience is developing a Micro MRI scanner designed to dedicated field.

Born as an ophthalmic MR Scanner for eyes examination the SpinScience MR Micro represents an interesting imaging tool for dedicated investigation in different medical spheres.

Permanents Micro magnets MRI imaging

It is a permanent magnet consisting of an array of micro-magnets working at 0.2T. Based on Prof. Sotgiu different patents, MR MICRO is a very light dedicated MRI characterized by:

  • Digital Direct RF Synthesizer and transmitter
  • RF Amplifier
  • MRI Sequencer
  • Mutichannel receiver
  • Gradient coils and e gradient amplifiers
  • Acquisition and reconstructions sequence
  • Micro Magnets array
    MR Micro will use a multiple coils receiver able to reach a sensitivity similar to a 1T device although it is a 0.2T unit.

The product is under final assessment, its unique features and the recent acquisition of MEDLOGIX SRL will allow further developments in different fields as Pre-Clinical investigation in mice, Veterinary (Small Animal and Sport Horses), Sport medicine in Human and dedicated scanner integrated in Hyperthermia devices for Oncology.